Finding the Right Fit

She's a ChinweenieSo you have decided to add a member to your family! Congratulations! Now the biggest decision has to be made as to the type of pet would make a good fit. It’s important to research on different breeds (if you are looking for a dog or a cat) or the type of care each individual animal needs.

Please keep in mind, if you are in search of a cat or dog, you will be adopting a four legged baby! From potty training right on through doctors visits once you bring home that new bundle of joy and energy, it will be evident you are the proud parent of a baby with fur!

I suggest a lot of time and fact digging needs to take place for the simple reason many things come into play when trying to find just the right pet. Here are some questions you need to discuss with everyone involved in making this decision:

  • Will the pet be indoor or outdoor?
  • What is the life expectancy? If you are looking at hamsters, they live 2-3 years where as a MaCaw (Parrot) can live up to 80 years!
  • What is the average yearly healthcare? Do they need vaccinations and regular vet visits?
  • Are they hyper by nature or do they require little attention when it comes to exercise?
  • Does their temperament tolerate small children?
  • How much living space is required for their comfort? You may like Great Danes but you live in a studio apartment…hmmm!
  • What back up plan do you have if you are on vacation for someone to care for them? You may have a difficult time finding someone willing to feed your snake or Bearded Dragon!

There are many more questions I’m sure you can come up with but now I think you have the understanding that adopting any kind of pet should be carefully thought out.

Utilize you local library or go to to seek out the answers to find the right fit. Getting a pet is a life long commitment (either yours or theirs). Finding one with just the right personality for your family will bring years of joy and companionship.

Don’t forget to look into your local animal shelters and visit often as their “clients” change to a more permanent residence.

Be Blessed!



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