The Wonderful Traits We Can Learn From Dogs

Dogs are an amazing creatures when it comes showing their loyalty for their humans. With the onset of our troops coming home, videos and pictures showing the excitement of dogs welcoming their humans home bring tears to all watching their reunions.

How amazing it is, when you come home from work after a long exhausting day only to be treated by your four legged family member as if you had been gone for days. Never judging your thoughts or actions but expressing unconditional love. You can tell them your secrets, your dreams and the worst joke in the world but they love you anyway.

Your dog views you as “leader of the pack” seeing and following your lead. By properly training your furry friend, the joy and companionship will be felt for many years to come. The dog will be happier knowing you are in control. Teaching obedience to your K9 allows them to feel their job is to make you happy. This does not mean training them to have inappropriate behaviors as in attack dogs for people with families or to fight. Training the dog to follow commands to curb their behavior will give them confidence and loyalty to their human companions.

If you don’t feel you have patience in training seek out a professional through your local pet stores. Some places offer training on site or can recommend a personal trainer. As with any type of business, check their references!Education for you and your dog will prove to be beneficial for both of you as well as creating an unbreakable bond.


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