Is Your Pet Ready If a Disaster Happens?

dog in crateIn the world we live in today, we can’t afford not to be prepared for the unexpected. Weather, natural or man-made disasters can cause our lives to change at the blink of an eye. Your pet is totally dependent on you to have things ready for their safety and comfort. Don’t put off making a plan until the last minute because you will not be given a warning in most case scenarios.

In order to keep your fur baby safe and secure, do your homework as soon as possible. Gathering all their necessities, medications, towels, crates etc, in one location will help you to quickly evacuate your home. It will less stressful for you and your pet. Here are a few suggestions you may consider but keep in mind every pet will have different needs:
Label – in the event you have to take your pet to a temporary shelter, it is important to label their crate, bowls, blankets, leashes and tags are on their collars. When you return to pick up your pet there won’t be any confusion.
Paperwork – have all their veterinary documents in a folder including shot records.
Blanket – this will bring warmth as well as something to dry them off with in case they get wet.
Food – store extra food in labeled air tight containers that can be easily moved.
Water – in some emergencies, water may become contaminated. Keeping bottled water handy will ensure your pet will not get sick from dirty drinking water.
Medications – if you have a pet that needs daily medications, contact your vet to get a refill to have on hand.
Toys – most pets have a favorite toy or item that keeps them entertained. Making their stay comfortable and familiar will also reduce stress for them.
Shelters – find out where the local area shelters are located in your area and if they will allow you to bring your pets with you. If not, call your local FEMA office to find out the procedures for your area.
Have a Plan – waiting for the emergency to happen will never be a good idea. In the event of evacuation, you may not always keep a clear head or will be able to make good decisions. Planning ahead will ultimately bring on less stress for both you and your best fur friend. Practice one weekend evacuating your home or sit down to write out what your plan will be.

Knowing is the best course of action to prevent confusion or even injury to your pet. Don’t be complacent when it comes to the happiness of your pet! They depend on you for safety, love and protection.




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