Having grown up with farm and domestic animals has taught me about their dedication to their human owners. They depend on us for their health and well-being. In turn their loyalty is unwavering and always returning the favor with unconditional love.

At this time when everyone is going in many different directions with events and working, the ones getting left until last are our pets. Paws & Claws Pet Services helps to relieve the stress and isolation your pet feels during your busy day!

Insured and Bonded, I am very passionate for my animal friends and want to help to alleviate your stress as well. Trust and security is a large part of knowing your home and pets are in very capable hands.

References are readily available.

Sheila Jefferson, Owner



Ruth S. Wrote:
I have a high school class mate who finds these wonderful pet pictures. She is the owner of Paws & Claws Pet Service. If you ever need someone to take care of your pets while you are away or just walk the when you are at work or many other pet services, please call her. She even has a FB page and website. You won’t be sorry.

Phyllis H.Wrote:
Sheila came to my rescue when she responded to my job request one day before I had to leave on a five-day trip. I have two dogs, CoCo Chanel and Razzle Dazzle and two cats, Rocky and Kitty Girl. Sheila took great care with them. I received a phone call on the first day of my trip from Sheila. She had thoughtfully left a message describing the first visit. I listened to the message and knew my pets were safe. She wrote daily progress reports on all the animals. When I returned home, my house was clean, including the cat box, the yard, and all the food dishes. The water dishes were full and my pets looked healthy and happy! Sheila took my mail in and watered my outside plants. She even left me a beautiful Rose plant beside the progress reports, which I read with great interest and some laughter when I recognized certain characteristics about my fussy pets!

I highly recommend Sheila as a pet sitter for anyone in need of reliable pet care and for your peace of mind when away from your pets.


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